Kind of a rowdy-looking bunch, eh?  We had a great visit with Betsy and Suzy while they gandered at our newest addition to the family…Baby Axel.  It is hard to believe they all start out that small and rapidly grow into little balls of energy. 

Grandpa would have loved this picture because it includes seven out of his ten GREAT grandchildren.  Definitely a Kodak moment.  I am hoping we can capture them all together for our pilgrimmage to Gennessee, Pennsylvania in April.

Pictured from the left:  Elin, Campbell, Emerson, Axel, Briggs, Gage, and Drew.


6 Responses to “lineage”

  1. n8 Says:

    What a good looking Clan we have!

  2. Father David Says:

    You seem to be stuttering, the town is Genesee, PA. You can see the homes, church, businesses, and graves of all your fraternal forebears, and there is at least one more chance to visit it someday.

  3. Mina Says:

    So cute!!!!

  4. Agnetha Says:

    I can only agree!!! Take care! They look so cute!

    Aunt Agnetha (Helena’s sister)

  5. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I agree with Mina…adorable!

  6. Grandma Jean Says:

    What can I say? The pride I feel looking @ those beautiful faces is what life and love are all about. May they always be close in heart, spirit and pride of family!

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