I moved to and from college in a Honda Civic.  While I pride myself on being an expert packer (it is a Rowe trait I inherited), the hatchback was surprisingly efficient.  It transported all that was important to me in my 20s.  And that car is still cruising the streets of Indy, just as efficient as ever.

When Tim and I finally bought our first and only home in 1999, we moved here in a small U-Haul.   We had enough furniture to fill just a few rooms.  We unpacked the majority of our wedding gifts that had been in storage while Tim was in Flight School.  We figured we would never outgrow our home. 

Well, it is hard to believe that our home is at full capacity now.  How does this happen?  Admittedly, we have inherited quite a few items that our parents gave as they downsized.  But even the storage areas are suprisingly filled.  And, our garage is a total embarrassment…truly we can only fit one car and one motorcycle in our three-car garage.  How did we accumulate so much STUFF?  Granted we have four children, and with them comes a lot of STUFF.  But I am really good about purging clothes that no longer fit and toys no longer loved. 

As I look around though, I am struck by the same thought I had when my grandfather died.  I will take none of it with me.  I must remind myself that my ‘wants and needs’ are short-lived.   So, here is to my next round of purging!

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    Rowe = Expert packer….


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