stark contrast

Some habits never die and some you cling on to.  This one, in particular, we love.  I figured out why tonight as we were completing our ritual.  Sometimes Tim and I do it independently but more often together.

The habit:  we check on our kids every night after they fall asleep.

Even when our kids were infants, they slept with the doors closed, fans on (lots of white noise is the key to success) and all lights out.  I am confident our habit of checking on them at night came from pure fear…we wanted to make sure they were still breathing.  Tim and I used to creep up to Briggs’ crib and watch his respirations until we were assured he was still intaking oxygen.

And as they started getting older, we checked on them to make sure their blankies were not covering their faces or they were warm enough or they hadn’t fallen out of bed. 

Then, I will admit, after the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping, I was a bit freaky so I started checking on them just to be sure they were still there!

Now, we wake Briggs up to relieve himself so as to avoid any unneccessary accidents.  And, Campbell always falls asleep with her hands full of her favorite treasures…marbles and dice….that need to be set aside.  Go figure!   We also always apply chapstick or vitamin E to cuts because heck if any of them will allow it when they are conscious.

But more than anything, we just like them a WHOLE LOT when they are asleep.  It is such a stark contrast to the craziness and loudness and obnoxiousness of each day that it reminds us that they are still little cherubs to treasure.  They actually can be quiet and peaceful…they just make us wait to observe it while they are deep in slumber.


2 Responses to “stark contrast”

  1. Allison Says:

    I LOVE watching Bella sleep and going to bed knowing she is ok!!!

  2. susan Says:

    sometimes that is the best part of my day!! they are just so beautiful and peaceful without a care in the world.

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