a lost art

I have figured out, among many things, what my generation lacks most…the gift of storytelling. Surely, you have met those that are verbose storytellers. They keep you captivated. They remember details like it was yesterday. And, they wrap you up in either the emotion or hilarity of the situation.

Maybe because we have so many things to keep ourselves occupied that we infrequently sit around a table and reminisce. After spending a great deal of time with my family recently, I realized that stories of their growing years gets retold over and over as if it almost becomes real again. Some I have heard, some not. I am amazed at my grandfather’s acuity and recall. I hope my mind stays intact! What if storytelling isn’t just a gift but the recipe for keeping a mind sharp?

My Aunt Nine was superlative, for example, at remembering the most minute details of a spoon she was given or a charm bracelet she inherited. So, here I am with one of those charm bracelets in my hand, and I have very little history of it. Did she ever tell me about these charms and I wasn’t listening closely enough? Does every memory just now die with her passing too?

Maybe blogging is no longer just therapy but a need to keep stories alive.

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  1. Allison (Curry) Fonseca Says:

    Tiffany – I agree with your sentiments regarding storytelling…my dad was a phenomenal story teller. It will be 5 years ago this September that he passed away and I have made it my mission to keep telling his stories over and over again. It reaffirms that my memories of him are alive and strong. Maybe it is your job to keep telling Aunt Nine’s stories?

    I am thinking of you and your family through this difficult time.

    Ann Smith’s Friend in Chicago,

  2. elizabeth laufer Says:

    Tiffany, you are so right and I really love reading your stories! I started keeping an online journal as well and it seems to me I’m better at this than keeping a paper one. I hope my kids will read it someday and remember the things we did as a family, and photos of them and their siblings and cousins enjoying one another. I have learned this from reading your stories, everyone has them and passing them on is a gift even sharing them with strangers can help someone going through something in their life. I hear my lovely boys harassing one another so I must go.
    Elizabeth (Liz)

  3. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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