40 under 40

cover_013109I am super excited and proud to announce Tim made the Indiana Business Journal’s Top Forty Under Forty List for 2009.  It is essentially a list of the top movers and shakers in the city.   His write-up includes not only his work in the commercial space, but the significant achievement his unit made in being the first Black Hawk unit to Iraq from Indiana.

To view the list CLICK HERE (see page 15 of the supplement).  The winners are in alphabetical order.  The insert of the weekly newspaper was issued today.

Congratulations, Bud!

4 Responses to “40 under 40”

  1. Father Dave Says:

    Rather a nice piece of interview. I didn’t look at the other 39, but are you the only male without a suite? I’m still proud of you.

  2. Julie Wolfschlag Niezer Says:

    Hey TIm! Congrats on your accomplishment! What an honor…and a well deserved one I might add! I read the article to Ned last night and we both agree that your time in Iraq is impressive. We are lucky to have men like you representing our country…so thank you for that! Ned of course gets all excited just talking about flying in general! Seriously though, congrats to you and Tiffany too…as I know her job at home was equally demanding! It was great seeing you a few weeks ago…we would love to get together again sometime. I would love to meet your wife and kids…they are darling by the way! Take care and again..congrats…truly something to be proud of!

  3. Tim Says:

    Thanks Julie!

    Like I said in the article, I couldn’t do-what-I-do without Tiffany making “everything else” – happen!

  4. scott rudicel Says:

    I already told you in person, but…
    “THAT’S SO COOL…CONGRATS!!” -rudi-

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