The contents of a purse say a lot about a woman.  I often wonder if someone were to gaze into my clutch what they would conclude.   Surely, it would be odd!

As I was observing Campbell asleep today with her purse carefully placed next to her in bed.  I had to laugh (not too loud though).  Here are the contents of Campbell’s purse:

1)  High heels – not stilletos but close for a two-year old.  She’ll work her way up.

2) Handcuffs – perhaps she is considering a job in law enforcement.

3) Two cell phones – one a Spiderman kids phone and the other a retired phone of Great Grandpa’s.  She likes pretending to talk to her Great Grandpa.  Glad he is memorable to her.  Oh…and she also pretends to take pictures.

4)  A broken remote control Tim found in the yard.   The only reason I can figure she carries it is so that she can be in control.  She is a control freak.

5)  A compact.  Just in case she might need to freshen up.

6)  Her blankie. You just cannot go too far without your blankie.

7) A minuture dog.  She just likes to pretend that Wrigley (Stacy’s dog) is hers.

8)  Mittens. In case she should venture outdoors.

9)  Crumpled up paper (a.k.a. money). She knows she won’t get far without it.

10)  Salt shaker.  You never know when she just might need to flavor her food.

11)  Marbles.  Probably the most important item in her purse. For approximately six months, Campbell carries at least one marble in her hand.  She even sleeps with them.  Not sure what to make of that but then again…

…the contents of a woman’s purse is often mysterious.


3 Responses to “contents”

  1. Heather Says:

    She is prepared for anything! Kinda like a mini-MacGuyver….

  2. Grandma Jean Says:

    If I recall correctly, you were also a purse lover. You carried your most treasured items of the moment, but never trash. You always handed that to me to carry or discard. AND your purse was always neat and organized. Wish I had snapped more photos of those days.

  3. sara b Says:

    just hope she doesn’t ‘lose her marbles’, although it sounds like some days that’s a possibility for you, not her.

    Miss you guys so much!!!

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