cruel joke

It must be a cruel joke that when my husband is out-of-town that I lose my voice entirely.  I ask you…how do you communicate with four children with no vocal chords?  I’ll be honest…I yell.  In fact, I yell everyday.  It has been a true test of patience, for which I have little.  They are loving it! 

For what was a brief moment of peace in the car, Campbell decided to whisper.  Was she mocking me or copying me?  Hmmmm….I am sure she has never whispered in her life other than when she is being sneaky.  She went on to concoct a story that if they were loud, a red bird would descend from the sky and steal their tongues.  I think I might have to use that one sometime.  It sounds a bit like an Alfred Hitchcock movie  theme but I am confident I could elaborate…

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