back to school

Leave it to me to wait until the morning my son is going back to school to open his backpack from the last day of school. Thankfully there wasn’t an old lunch in there!

Anyway, I found all kinds of treasures about twenty minutes before Briggs headed off to THIRD grade! The cutest of all was a ‘little book of compliments.’ I remember it was one of Briggs’ last assignments before the school ended. He had to write on a small strip of paper something kind about each student in his class.

Of course, Tim and my best friend, Stacy, had the same perspective (they always do!). They thought it was ridiculous that each child had to think of something nice about everyone…they figure not everyone has to like each other. I see their point…it is kind of ‘PC’, however, I still like to bear on the side of kindness so I thought the assignment was neat.

Anyway, I am thankful for my inefficiency because it was the perfect thing to ‘pump’ Briggs up for his first day back to school. Here were some of my favorite compliments that put a huge smile across his face…

“I learned a lot about the Armed Services from you.”

“You have been brave while your Dad has been in Iraq.”

“You are a fast runner.”

“You have been really nice to me.”

“You look like you could be funny.”

“You are smart about sharks.”

After Briggs boarded the bus, the first person I thought to call was my Aunt Nine. I was sad and mad I was not able to. I think that is okay, right? I definitely wasn’t sad about school starting…I had heard enough of, “There’s nothing to do. It’s boring.”

Here are our annual back to school pictures next to the ‘Briggs’ tree. I think both are growing up just fine.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Hard to believe our eldest children are growing up so quickly. Camryn started 4th grade last Friday.
    Seems like I just took her to preschool the other day.

  2. susan Says:

    I can’t believe they are that old because I’m certain we’re not!

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