Mama Mia…we can recite most of the dialogue, and definitely all of the ABBA hits.  Our cousin, Elin, may even be a bigger fan!  I know Nate and Helena can handle no more of the musical it plays so often…and she is Swedish.

High School Musical…we now are proud owners of all three movies!

I, admittedly, was a late-comer to the entire High School Musical series. In fact, I saw the original version long after the sequel debuted.  However, our family (boys, girls, and mom) have quickly become fans.  I am the first to suggest “let’s watch High School Musical 3” in an effort to wind down and relax.

It is like a modern, yet tamer version of Grease which I had to have seen more than three dozen times since it hit the big screen when I was a kid.  I equally liked pretending I was ‘good girl’ Sandra Dee with the poodle skirt and sneakers to ‘sex pot’ Sandy.  Those tight black pants and leather jacket with that wild hair were soooo cool!  And who wouldn’t want to levitate into the air in a convertible with John Travolta! 

Hard to believe, however, the themes of Grease wrapped around summer lovin’, knocked up teens, and hoods smoking and drinking.  Those themes definitely wouldn’t fly with Disney Moms these days.  Heck…High School Muscial superstars Troy and Gabriella don’t kiss until the third movie! 

But the music is quite good, the dance moves are cool (the boys especially like how the basketballs are incorporated into their moves), and the storyline harmless.  They do seem like good kids.  I hope the lure of Hollywood fame and fortune doesn’t turn them into drugged-out losers like many other young stars.

As for Mama Mia, my kids cannot follow the storyline enough to know that the mother has no idea who her daughter’s father was…potentially three very handsome men! 

For now I am just enjoying the graduation from cartoons.

4 Responses to “musicals”

  1. susan Says:

    We have been fans since the beginning and LOVE thema ll! Just wait, next will come all the Disney shows on TV. Stew and I actually like them. Sometimes we watch them without the kids(did i really just admit that?)

  2. heather Says:

    I haven’t seen the HSM movies, but Camryn has and she loves them! I ( me and the kids) like to watch iCarly and Drake and Josh. Very funny stuff!

  3. Helena Says:

    Love the musicals, Elin loves Mamma Mia, she even wants to wear her bathing suit while watching it, I guess she is pretending she in Greece or something….

    BTW, she has been into “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” lately…hopefully she wont be into diamonds anytime soon.


  4. Helena Says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, she refers to “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” by calling it “Tiffany”, either she is learning the jewelry language a little bit too fast or she thinks her aunt looks like Monroe 🙂

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