what goes around comes around

I vividly remember my mother getting frustrated with the amount of wardrobe changes I made in a single day when I was a child.  I don’t quite remember what I changed in and out of.  However, I was known to put on shows so maybe I was just making costume changes?  Anyway, I couldn’t understand her frustration at the time. 

Well…let’s just say now I know.  I bore ‘sweet revenge’ via Gage.  What goes around comes around!

The kid changes so often we had to install a lock on his closet door this week for which he quickly discovered how to unfasten.  I swear…do all of my children have a hudini-superhuman-trait?

The amount of clean-yet-dirty clothes he produces is astronomical.  And his selection of outfits borders on downright odd and unattractive.  He likes t-shirts and pajama bottoms.  He likes tank-tops and gym shorts.  Rarely matching.  Never weather appropriate.

There are several items I will be thrilled to see him grow out of:  Army Ranger t-shirt (I may just have to frame it), Pacers jersey, and Spiderman pajama bottoms.  Somehow he sneaks one of the items on each day. 

I love the kid!  He is our easiest to please with a heart of gold but he just may kill me with laundry. 

By the way, sorry Mom!

2 Responses to “what goes around comes around”

  1. susan Says:

    i feel your pain. i wash more “dirty” clothes than I ever. it’s enough to drive me crazy!!!!!!!

  2. scott rudicel Says:

    hilarious!! love the girls’ story too…oh my is Emily gonna have her hands full next year!! haha!!

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