it is official

With the exception of a short blip between Briggs and Gage, we have been knee deep in diapers or pull-ups for the past nine years!   At one point in our lives we had three children in diapers at once.  Let me asure you…that is a lot of poop!

We, however have turned a corner!  It is official…we are closing what I will refer to as the ‘Diaper’ Chapter.  Our significant contribution to the landfill has come to an end.  The twins are POTTY-TRAINED.  That deserves a celebration.  Completing this milestone not only puts a deposit into our ‘time account’ but subtracts from our pocketbook.


3 Responses to “it is official”

  1. Grandma Jean Says:

    It’s wonderful, but now you have to ready for: “Don’t touch that toilet seat”….”Always wash your
    hands”….”Remember to flush”….on and on. I do love seeing their pretty little panties which come off in a flash and flash they will this summer. May the good Lord give us all strength.

    Enjoyed the weekend with my bunnies!


  2. Betsy Roeder Says:

    Yeah! BTW…we need some pictures of your clan. I feel like you haven’t posted any in awhile.

  3. Amy Says:

    Wonderful news! We still haven’t tackled the night time without diapers but we’re right there with you during the day. It is amazing how many times they have to go when you are out in public!

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