spring has sprung

It is amazing the effect weather can have on the disposition of children (and parents).  Either I neeeded to wait for the girls to be potty-trained or the weather to get warm because we have had virtually NO destructive moments in over a week.  Perhaps they were just feeling clausterphobic or had a bad case of cabin fever?  Needless to say, we are glad to see the buds begin to bloom and the grass turn green.  We are coming in dirty at night, and their appetites have significantly increased.  You know it is Spring when the Ice Cream Truck starts making its rounds every few days as well.

One of the kids favorite pasttimes is ‘going on adventures’.  We happen to have an enormous field of trees and tall grasses behind our home.  We likely are trespassing but I figure kids gotta be kids.  It is like watching a version of  Stand By Me or Sandlot.  I love to hear their adventures become wild and exciting.

Our neighborhood buddies, Jacob and Joe, took it to an entirely new level when they showed up afterschool with backpacks filled with survival gear, including: water bottles, popcorn, rope, etc.  Gage has now takent to drawing maps of the field in order to navigate our way around. 

Today, we saw a very large bunny, lots of coyote tracks, several deer beds, a ton of mud, and the beginning of Spring.  I would like to think these are the days that my kids will remember about their childhood.

Some pics below from the past few months.

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