Last Easter I was surprised to see Emerson’s reaction to the fuzzy, big bunny that came to visit our Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  To explain her as terrified, would be an understatement.  She did the equivalent of Suzanne Summer’s Thigh Buster workout around my torso.  She was shaking she was so overcome with fear.  None of the other three had ever responded similarly.  I figured she just didn’t like bunnies.

However, after a trip to Sesame Place in Philadelphia and Chuck E Cheese, I have determined she is equally fearful of anything with large, googily eyes.  I find this ironic considering she has saucers herself.

There is a first for everything.  How do you teach a child not to be fearful of things so innocent?  If you were my Aunt Nine you would cross out the word ‘afraid’ in every one of your children’s books.  I never knew this about her until it was stated at her funeral.  She was on to something…

2 Responses to “ironic”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Do your kids ever have clothes on? Love it!



  2. Molly Says:

    What an inspired idea – great! She’s a beauty!

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