Is there a better way to start vacation than four sleeping children?

Well…it definitely was a great way to start.  But let’s just say…it wasn’t all sweetdreams.  I will openly declare on this blog, “We, The Stoner Six, shall never stay overnight in a hotel room again until our children our older.”   Hotels and us…just don’t work.  We need more SPACE. 

In a matter of our two-day stay at Great Wolfe Lodge:

Briggs and Tim spent six hours in the ER for a suspected Brown Recluse Spider bite on the bottom of his foot.  It did not happen on premise but became quickly infected and appeared as if he was getting blood poisoning.  Good thing my ‘medevac’ husband saw the early signs.

So I had the three little ones in an enormous waterpark but wasn’t able to get my eyes wet!  Hmmm…a feat in and of itself.  I recently had LASEK surgery and my eyeballs are still in a volatile state.  Dr. Keeling insisted that having water from Great Wolfe Lodge splashed into my eyes would be like spashing s**t into my eyes!  A thought I preferred to avoid with sunglasses.  I looked ridiculous.

So, after Gage’s slippery escape for nearly twenty minutes, I found him happy as a clam in the wave pool.  The kid is a intermediate swimmer at best with absolutely no fear.  Meanwhile the twins either ran in different directions or needed to go to the bathroom out-of-synch.  Couldn’t they just get it so that they need to pee at the same time?  Public restrooms outside swimming establishments are never clean and dry.

Considering, I was exhausted after chasing my wet creatures, I decided to retire to the room.  There I promised them a rental movie and popcorn.  Within three minutes, our room was filled with smoke and the fire alarm was ringing.  I moved the kids to the balcony and threw Cheerios down for a snack and/or game.

The engineer from Great Wolfe indicated he had to reboot the entire hotel system.  Wow!  We really know how to make our mark on a place.

The highlight of the trip to me…a quick visit from Betsy and Drew.  

The highlight of the trip to Briggs…he was not allowed to go into the water after the ER visit which meant lots of video games. 

The highlight to the girls…the water and the ice cream. 

The highlight to Gage…playing water basketball and the water slides.

The highlight to Tim…just being with the kids.

It is great to be home.  I think home vacations are more in our future…at least until I forget my declaration.

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  1. Allison Says:

    WOW…what a trip…I am sure it was great just to be together! Your stories always make me laugh although I am glad Briggs is ok!

  2. Marti Escalante Says:

    I hear ya! Everytime we travel we say we are not going to do it again til Trey (2) and Mia (1) are older. Then we forget and find ourselves all shoved in one room again with 2 pack and plays and someone awake at some point throughout the entire night. When we get frustrated and at the ends of our ropes, my saying is: “Just making memories”………………….these things aren’t easy for the parents but they are the things the kids will remember when they get older. Good luck to you on your next trip…… will forget!!!!

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