bedside table

I don’t get birthday cards every year from my husband, despite my pouting (and sometimes anger).  And, I don’t always receive anniversary cards.  However, there is one thing that has remained consistent in our courtship following into our marriage…an Easter card.   They are cute, borderline corny with sayings like, “I am like scambled eggs when I am with you.”

Tim started giving me an Easter card the first year we dated.  I have all the Easter cards in our ‘memory box’ to prove it.  He missed only one Easter, and that was while he was deployed to Iraq. I figured there weren’t a whole lot of Easter card options in the desert!

Anyway, he picked Easter to be his holiday.  I have to give him credit…he never forgets.  So, as it sits on my bedside table still after a month, I am grateful for his unique tradition.  Time to file it away.

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