our summer

Our summer is quickly coming to a close…how does it go so fast? We made our last trip to the local water park today and enjoyed every bit of it. We had many firsts this summer:

– Our first trip to Conner Prairie with everyone.

– The twins’ first haircuts (wedges..too cute). I am not sure why I waited so long!

– Tim’s first Fourth of July speech at War Memorial Park as a combat veteran.

– The twins’ first horse rides which has now turned into an infatuation with horses and a daily visit to the farm next door.

– Briggs’ first try at a mechanical bull!

– Our first carriage ride as a family down the Main Street of Madison, Indiana.

– Our first trip to the mall (e.g. Build-a-Bear) for the twin’s second birthday.

– An attempt at potty training (a.k.a. an excuse for letting the girls run naked).

– Our first open car train ride through Amish Country on the Strasburg Railroad…a wonderful excursion.

– A visit to Sesame Place in Philadelphia.

In between all of that we made oodles of trips to the park and played endlessly outside. We also had three separate and very special visits from teenage girls (our niece (Evane), my sister (Audrey) and my cousin (Mina). They all gave us a glimpse of what life will be like in about 12 years. Really though…we adore each of them for their uniqueness and genuineness. It was a joy to have them.

I am knocking on wood as I type the next statement but…the children do seem to be getting slightly easier. With each new milestone, life gets more adventuresome.

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  1. Winden Says:

    I stand by my original observation…. one twin is Baby Tiffany and the other is Baby Tim…. hands down. So now it is simply a matter of figuring out which is which.

    Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work over the last month. You are amazing.

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