we have babies!

We watched Mommy Robin build her nest from the first blade of grass.  In fact, it was such a painstaking process, I wanted to help her.  For the first hour, nearly every piece of grass fell from the gutter where she decided to build her home.  But sure enough…she kept at it. 

By end of day, she had a perfectly suited location to lay her beautiful blue eggs.  Luckily, the nest is on our deck, so we have had the excitement of watching the entire process.  Yesterday, we observed the father hunt for the worms, then give them to Mommy Robin, as she carefully fed her babies. 

We have all enjoyed this little slice of Mother Nature just outside our backdoor.


2 Responses to “we have babies!”

  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    Hopefully none of them fall out of the nest and land on your deck!

  2. Shannon Says:

    We have a nest on our porch – tucked in behind a light and our house…eggs haven’t hatched yet – should be soon though!

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