busy-body aunt

I have learned that nothing is coincidence. 

We have two unfinished storage areas in our basement.  Recently, I entered one storage area to pack toys away that were being overlooked.  I strategically hide toys only to let them reappear several months later.  It keeps things fresh with the children! 

Anyway, as I was busy packing the toys away a wreath caught my eye that I had completely forgotten about.  It was one my Aunt Nine had bought for my grandfather.  I hardly even remember bringing it home after packing up his apartment.  But then again, it was such a whirlwind of emotion that I am not surprised.  The wreath was perfect to hang on the front door with the onset of Spring.

In order to hang it, however, it required me to enter the other storage area where I keep the holiday decorations.  I enter into this area of the basement very rarely for just that reason.  It happens also to be where all of the mechanicals are housed.

Wouldn’t you know it…I walked into an inch of water from our failed sump pump!  After the initial shock, I realized it was no coincidence.  It was my busy-body Aunt still ever present in my life giving me a warning of impending disaster.  All it took was a reset of the sump pump and some cleaning up.  However, had I not walked into that storage area, our entire finished basement could have been covered in water from the vast amount of downours we have had. 

I figure my Aunt is enjoying the fact that she can still share her opinions and warning calls!  I wonder if I (or the rest of our family) will ever stop missing her?

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  1. susan Says:

    you’ll never stop missing her. you’ll just find different ways to incorporate her into your life!!

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