I remember vividly when Briggs, Tim and I went to the ultrasound to find out the gender of the twins.  It was Briggs’ Sixth Birthday.  We had not known the gender of the boys before they were born so it was something new we were experiencing.

I figured it was two more boys.  I had gotten pretty used to be playing swords and wrestling so there was a comfort factor with boys.  I never thought it would be twin girls!

When she waved the wand over my ever-increasing girth, she nonchalantly claimed ‘twin girls.’  Briggs response was priceless, “You mean there are no nuggets in there!”

Once I got used to the idea of twin girls, I had idealistic visions in my head of quiet girls that liked to play with dolls and read books on a pillow in the corner.  What a dream…it must have been the hormones.

After today, I can confidently exclaim there is nothing quiet or gentle about these girls.  In fact, they are more destructive than the boys ever were.  It was a day of pure destruction.

After a most embarrassing attempt to dine at Outback Steakhouse, we came home to a laundry room completely strewn with cat litter that Emerson had decided to play with like it was a sandbox.  Bits of litter followed her all the way down the hall, into the linen closet, and across a few bedroom floors.  In the meantime, Campbell managed to shatter a glass jar on the driveway.  For the next hour Tim and I shared the dry vac cleaning up bits of s**t and glass.

Oh…and did I mention that we left a trail of orange peels around Marsh grocery store while I managed to get some grocery shopping done?  As the cashier was coooing over how cute the girls were I said, “They aren’t nearly as cute as they look.”

Here is to quiet girls that play with dolls and sit quietly in the corner on a pillow reading books.

3 Responses to “destruction”

  1. susan Says:

    I haven’t had a quiet one yet! Youwouldn’t want it any other way! Look at us–were we quiet? It will serve them well as adolescents and adults! You go Girls!

  2. Betsy Roeder Says:

    They may be a little crazy, but they are sure cute!!!!

  3. Suzy Says:

    I am happy to see they have clothes on (total Nine comment!). Very cute girls…



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