I learned the art of ‘trashing’ from my Aunt Nine.  You had to know her.  She could pick anything out of someone else’s trash bin and turn it into something either useful or ecelectic. 

As recent graduates, Tim and I had close to nothing in the way of home decor.  On one visit to Nine’s house shortly after graduation, she whispered, “It’s Thursday night.  Let’s get flashlights and go trashing.”  I thought she was nuts but was up for the adventure.  Sure enough…we found some real treasures.  Her husband, Wally, hated this practice as it took up space in his ever-filling garage and basement. 

In any case, as I passed the trash this week I was reminded of my ‘early trashing day’s’ when I eyed a perfectly good basketball hoop (the kind that isn’t permanent but weighs about 400 pounds!).  Anyway, it seemed like just the thing for the kids with the summer approaching.  And I figured it would cost me only five bucks for a new net. 

I call Tim as I pass the hoop in the morning.  He says we don’t need any more junk.  I agree. 

I pass it after school with Briggs.  The trash collector didn’t take it.  It is still sitting there waiting for a new home.  I call Tim.  I say Briggs wants the hoop.  Pick it up on your way home from work.  Sure enough an hour later he pulls up with the load in the back of his truck.

So what was someone’s trash is now our treasure.  I might have to start getting out my flashlights again on trash night!

2 Responses to “trashing”

  1. James Drexler Says:

    Sweet find. If you plan on using it regularly, make sure the brackets and bolts aren’t rusty already, otherwise you might risk the backboard coming down at an inopportune time. A little WD-40 around the connections can go a long way in making sure the basketball hoop lasts a long time.

  2. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I too have a bunch of treasures from my mom’s ‘trashing’!

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