lucky me

So I took the kids to the Spring Fling at Briggs’ school.  Lots of carnival games, prizes, food, etc.  Toward the end of the affair, I sat down to chat with a few neighbors.  I looked over my shoulder to check on the twins playing on the playground as I heard Judy exclain, “Ahhh…Campbell just dropped her drawers!”

Sure enough, Campbell decided to make a contribution to the school.  And why bother using a toilet when the world is your toilet!  She took a dump on the playground, people!  I grabbed what I could (a napkin and Subway baggie) and rushed to cleanup as my neighbors gave their abs a laughter workout watching me. 

Sheryl commented, “Tiffany it is so entertaining being with you.  Because things like this only happen to you.” 

Lucky me…

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