her party

We seldom get out.  Even more rare that we get out without kids.  Next to impossible that we get out without kids, with Nate and Helena.  And never to a HOT party!

But last night the stars were aligned in more ways than one, as you can see below.  Because we had photographed Alex Lloyd being sponsored by her Energy drink, we were invited to their exclusive ‘coming out’ party.  We had so much fun, admittedly acted a little goofy, and indulged in too much her mixed with Vodka.  Nate got mistaken for Alex on four different occasions as they were both sporting pink shirts and ties.  You got to love a man that is bold enough to wear pink.

Toward the end of the night, Nate and Tim finally got the moxy to ask Gilles (our favorite celebrity from Dancing with the Stars) for a picture. And, Helena and I couldn’t resist capping the night with some posed photos in front of the media backdrop.  Notice the hot poses…we have been reading our People magazine.

If you are heading to the race or watching on TV, make sure to cheer on Alex and the her team!  You cannot miss that hot pink car.


3 Responses to “her party”

  1. Helena Says:

    I had SO much fun! Thanks for a great evening.

  2. Heather Says:

    I had to do a double take on the photos of Gilles Marini…wow! We loved him on ‘Dancing’ and I am now going to rent ‘Sex and the City’ movie when before I had no desire to see it…lol You all look like you have a great time and I love the skirt Tiffany!

  3. Allison Says:

    What a fun night…so jealous you got a pic wiht Gilles!!! So HOT!

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