spy, sneak, or loiterer

Call it what you will but I fully intend to listen in on the ‘goings on’ of my kids and their conversations.  I even kept a baby monitor should I ever feel compelled to stick it under their bed during their teen years. 

But for the first time last night, Briggs asked me to leave his room so that he and Gage could have their privacy.  I was slightly offended but more elated that they were actually getting along. I agreed to depart.  After pleading to them on their intentions.  I got a ‘none of your business’ response. 

I pretended to leave and hovered outside the door. 

It was very interesting. 

I discovered the Gage has an unknown talent.  Briggs bribes his little brother to rub his head. 

YES!  Apparently, the headrubbing talents of Tim and I don’t hold a candle to that of our four year old.  Briggs was even willing to pay him!  Briggs even designed a contract for Gage’s ‘Headrubbing Company’ and signed it.  His payment…Star Wars books. 

So, later I wandered in to find Briggs half comatose on the floor of his room after a full treatment of Gage’s ultimate headrubbing abilities. 

Gage shared some of his secrets with me. 

So tonight, I tried using the Gage technique on Briggs before bed.  He said, “It isn’t quite as good as Gage.”

Oh well…maybe I should start having Gage put me to bed.

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