blind faith

For a girl, I don’t mind bugs too much. In fact, I try not to show considerable fear for multiple-legged creatures around my children. Today, we found a fairly large cricket on the driveway. I ooohed for the kids to come observe. Of course, they all wanted to pick it up. Soon we had a barely-alive ‘Jiminy’ on our hands.

In any case, Gage asked me, “How do you know this is a cricket? When you were a little girl, did your mom tell you it was a cricket?” It made me think what an incredible responsibility it is to teach our children even the simplest things. And what if I had told him it was called a June bug? Likely the next time he saw a cricket with his friends he would yell out, “JUNE BUG!”

Maybe it is blind faith. Maybe it is just believing your mom would never steer you wrong.

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