living in the now

After a brief conversation with my friend Kathy on Saturday night, I put the notion of living in the now in my brain to stir.  She is like a mini-buddha, consistently challenging my inner peace.  She also happens to be a mother of four rambunctious children.  Thank goodness there are more of us out there!


Sad to admit, I realized I am not a person that ‘lives in the now’ successfully.  Honestly, I don’t think I have ever given it much thought! 

With deadlines and milestones to meet, with clients to please, it is difficult to focus on today.  My life is admittedly filled with tasks and to do lists.  And my list never gets fully completed at the conclusion of a day.  I often lie awake at night consciously churning over what I need to accomplish the next day. 

But I kept thinking about how trying to live in the now could significantly change my life and my family.  If my Aunt Nine (or for anyone that unfortunately dies suddenly) would have had the foresight of her death, would she have made different decisions day-to-day?

On Sunday, I focused on just enjoying the day with whatever came along.  We had a wonderful invitation from our friend Jessica to attend a party in the country.  It was one of those days that brings out my famous quote, “I love Indiana!”

This wasn’t just any simple party in the country…it was an all-out festival.  The kids were treated to a watermelon-eating contest, a bounce house, pony rides, balloon tosses, face painting, carnival games, fishing, paddles boats, a splash house, cotton candy, cupcake decorating, and pinatas.  Gage managed to catch three Blue Gill.  And, Emerson indulged in playing with the night crawlers.  The girl isn’t afraid of creep crawly things in the least!

We thorougly enjoyed ourselves.  It was a mixture of peace and pleasure looking across the meadow watching horses graze and cat tails blowing in the breeze. 

Who knows if I am capable of  ‘living in the now’ but I am going to make a go of it.  I think I deserve it.  But I know my family deserves it.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    I am so truly honored that you listened to me about the present moment being the best moment of your life. That conversation was important to me too because I feel like we really connected and I shared my true feelings with you. There are not many friends I do that with.

  2. Jess Strickland Says:

    hey! 🙂 oh, what a BLAST that was and we are SOO glad that you all came out to join us!!!! it was soo fun having you and we’re thrilled that the kids had a great time!!

    you are such a terrific person….you don’t give yourself enough credit….but i can totally relate about the living in the now thing…i think that’s a daily struggle for everyone, especially self employed people and parents (although I have yet to test that one out for myself!)! so, you aren’t alone but thanks for the great reminder to make it a priority…and soo glad you stared your challenge by hanging out with us for the day!

    please tell tim and the kids that i’m sorry i didn’t get to formally say bye and give hugs….

    xo! 🙂

  3. Molly Says:

    Living in the now – it’s probably the hardest thing for us to do as moms with a lits of to-do’s that is never complete. Throw in work-related responsibilites and personl goals (if we even think about those anymore) and it seems impossible. The funny this is, everytime I work at this and try to do it, I realize that it’s worth the effort. “Now” is all that we really have so we need to keep rememberring to make the most of it!

    In complete opposite of all I just wrote – I can’t wait to live in the now with you in late August in wine country. I KNOW we can accomplish it there!

    Love You!!

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