wild ride

We realized shortly after Tim arrived home from his deployment to Iraq that we needed to end our Letters from Tim blog and start fresh. Afterall, it is a new beginning.

We chose to name our blog the Stoner Six because it fits. Just like we have a secret family handshake, we now have a nickname. We will remain consistent in our approach to being both grateful and finding happiness in the simplest of things. We will also maintain our ‘open book’ policy which means pure honesty. Not much fluff.

With that being said, our objective of the Stoner Six blog is to document our wild ride of raising four young children while trying to maintain some sanity, and most importantly a solid marriage. It isn’t easy. But from what we have been told…this time in our lives will fly by before we know it.

Considering my brain has never been the same after delivering four children, the Stoner Six blog, along with Letters From Tim, will be the greatest gift we pass along to our children, nicely packaged for them to someday enjoy, probably be embarrassed by, and forever hold us accountable for sharing some of their deepest secrets.

Thank you for coming along our wild ride!

2 Responses to “wild ride”

  1. susan Says:

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  2. winden Says:

    YIPEE!!! A new blog! I’m so excited to see what shakes out!

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