Yes it is true.  We have had yet another brush with THE LAW. 

Apparently Briggs didn’t realize that when he dialed 911-1111, 911 is actually dipatched.  He didn’t realize the phone was actually on so a short while later, the police show up. The babysitter was at a loss as to what was even happening.  When I returned home her comment was intriguing…”Well, it has been an interesting day.” 

So here was my very loud lecture to Briggs after he innocently exclaimed, “But I didn’t know!”

“Briggs.  It doesn’t matter if you added four extra digits after 911.  911 was dialed.  Do you know the police think when 911 is dialed?  They think someone is in trouble.  They think someone has broken into our home.  They think we are being held at gunpoint.  They think that someone had an accident.  They think that someone is in danger.  They think someone has tried to steal things or that my children have been taken.  They think someone has had a heart attack.  They think that we are in trouble.  They are required to respond immediately! Keep your dang fingers off of the phone.  Hey…I am glad you know how to dial 911 though.  Let’s just remember to use it only in an emergency.  Okay?”

Really…at this point the police know us.  Granted we live in a small town but it is borderline embarrassing. 

Briggs isn’t the only one to blame.  Admittedly, I got pulled over last week.  I handed my license and unsigned registration over only to be responded with a smirk from Mr. Policeman.  He said, “Ohhhhh…I have been IN your house a few times lately!” 

Yes…that’s right.  Our alarm was activated several times upon our departure at the beginning of the summer.  And Mr. Policeman got the luxury of walking through the house to insure all was well.  I think at this point, my face was beet red.

He then proceeded with, “Yeah…I have doing the drive-bys of your house while your husband was deployed.”  Hmmm…my mind is starting to churn…is it a possiblity I could get out of this ticket?

Here is a tip for all depolyed soldiers…upon receiving your deployment orders, take them to your local police station.  You can make a request to have daily routes of your home. 

So combined with the alarm system snafus, Briggs eroneous call to 911, a deployment to Iraq, and my speeding…the local police is well aware of the Stoner Six.

Oh…I did get out of the ticket.  🙂

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