home alone

I know I did not properly thank my husband for what was the best gift EVER. So, I intend to do it publicly.

Tim. You never need to spend money on me again. Seriously. The gift of peace was priceless.

I like being alone. I think I make pretty good company to myself. So when Tim suggested that he take ALL FOUR kids to Madison, Indiana for the Regatta boat races, I was elated (although not nearly as I let on).

I have been feeling discombobulated for the last several months. If you walked into my house, you would think it was fairly neat. However, if you really looked ‘under the covers’ it was a disaster. I have been unorganized, and as one friend describes, ‘a hot mess.’

So my plan for the weekend was to organize…clean out every drawer, every closet, every toy bin. My goal was to purge and feel lighter by the end.

Doesn’t sound good to you? Well, it was blissful for me. I received two phone calls all weekend. I was completely uninterrupted. Besides my overly talkative cat I listened to nothing but the soundtrack of Twlilight the entire weekend.

By the end of the weekend, I contributed 16 garbage bags to the landfill. I am a heavy recycler so it was moderately painful for me but it just felt so good.

So…birthday present idea? Christmas present idea? Look no further husbands…offer your wife a weekend in her home alone.

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  1. Allison Says:

    Sounds wonderful…I need to clean out everything too! Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you are done???!!!

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