i love indiana

So if you have been around me at all lately, you typically can hear me explain in a Hoosier-like accent, “I love Indiana.” In fact, I am quite certain my early morning running buddies are growing tired of it. But really, I never would have imagined making this exclamation when I entered this territory in 1989 to start school at Ball State University. I, like many, thought it would be just an endless expanse of flat cornfields.

I grew up just outside of Chicago…with the cultural world at my fingertips. I learned to take mass transportation at a young age. I attended the Lyric Opera of Chicago on a regular basis…even was a member of the Children’s Chorus for four seasons. I dined at fabulous restaurants. For field trips, we toured the famous Art Institute of Chicago and Field Museum. I was raised in a village similar to Zionsville…many of the homes were historical, some streets were still paved with brick, and the landscapes of homes were breathtaking.

But we were never a mile away from pure, natural beauty. The kind of green that only bean fields can produce, the color of amber that Benjamin Moore would love to replicate of the changing color of corn as the Autumn sets in. The acres of white or black split rail fences that keep the horses corralled for my kids to gawk at as we drive by. The endless blue horizon. The gentle morning fog that just hovers over the horse farm next to us as we run by in the morning.

While I respect and appreciate my upbringing, and sometimes long for some of my favorite, old restaurants, I would not change my residency. On a whim I took my three youngest children to the apple orchard yesterday. It took us maybe ten minutes to get there because I stopped along the way to snap the images below. In fact, every time the kids saw something ‘pretty’ they yelled for me to STOP!

A few weeks ago, Tim and I had more fun than we remember in a long time. We biked with several neighbors on the Monon Trail (an old railroad track turned into pedestrian/bike path that goes for over 60 miles) from North of Indianapolis to Broad Ripple for dinner and cocktails (cocktails being the key word here). Even though we knew it would close before we could make our return, we were up for an adventure (an illegal adventure at that). We came equipped with headlamps and I belly laughed the entire eleven miles home.

It is no secret at this point that we have built a ‘clan’ in Indianapolis. Tim and I were the first. Soon after came my brother, Nate, and his wife, Helena. Then our parents a year apart. Two of my best friends descended on us last year. And, the latest addition is my 92-year old grandfather. I suppose loving Indiana doesn’t just mean loving the landscape. Loving Indiana has more to do with having everyone I love here.

I love Indiana.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    I have the same love for Ohio as you do for Indiana. My last trip home was great – perfect weather at night very green and the people – the best in the world! I have lived in Miami for the past 7 years, and although I love the diversity, my “Latinos”, Cuban coffee, Latin music, weather, ocean etc. there is something rather calming about the Midwest in general. I can’t wait to make my journey back northing. As my mother would always tell me when I felt homesick “There ain’t no place like home.” It is very true!

  2. Jessica Strickland Says:

    i agree 100%!! i love indiana….even after growing up on the beach in california…i’d rather be here! 🙂

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