heavy influence

I have realized recently what a significant influence I have on my children…and maybe not all that productive.   Here are two recent examples:

We <Nathaniel Edmunds Photography> recently hired an office assistant.  She is a young gal, Nicole, hoping to enter into the photography business at some point.  The twins are all about checking out ,and socializing with anyone who walks through the door.  And believe me, the twins have seen their share of big, sparkly rings with the frequent brides that visit. So while Nicole is working at editing a wedding, sassy Emerson and Campbell stop in for a visit.  I think Emerson may have even had her hand on her hip.

Emerson asked matter-of-factly, “Where is your ring?” 

Nicole replied, “I’m not married. I don’t have a ring.”

After the two exchanged glances with each other, Campbell chimed in, “Ahhh…well you better get a dress and flowers then.”

The next thing I knew the girls came back into the office with ‘rings’ they had made out of key rings. 

Campbell exclaimed, “I’m getting married.”

I asked with a chuckle, “Who are you marrying?”

She replied frankly, “Well, myself!”

So while I may have unknowingly provided a barage of wedding notions in my growing girls minds…at least Campbell is confident enough to marry herself!

I have admitted I am a Twilighter.  I am not embarassed any longer.  It is just a fact.  (Go Team Edward!)  Well…I kind of got the boys sucked in too.  Okay, I am still not embarassed. 

Thankfully, it is not just a soccer mom, teenage girl thing.  My Uncle Tom (bless him) called yesterday to confirm he loved the first book, watched the movie immediately followinng and downloaded New Moon (the second book in the series of four) onto his Kindle last night.  I have always loved that man. 

So when the last issue of People magazine arrived with Robert Pattinson (Go Team Edward!), Gage was one of the first to peruse the pictures.  Poor guy…he still doesn’t understand the concept of actors! 

He said, “Mom, Edward and Bella look different in these pictures.”

I replied, “Well that is because they are not Edward and Bella in real life.”

With his mouth slightly agape he said, “What do you mean?  Where do they live?”  At which point, I simply said,  “California”

Straight back at me he asked, “Well when can we go to California because I want to talk to them?”

Yeah…well…I’d like to talk to Edward too.  I guess Gage and I will just keep on wishing together.

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  1. Amy Bridenstine Says:

    Tiffany – I used to work with Tim at Fusion Alliance and I have been following your blog since Letters from Tim.
    I wanted to be sure that you knew that Mattel is releasing Edward and Bella Barbie-like dolls on November 1st!
    I really enjoy The Stoner Six – you are so honest with your entries – keep up the great blogging!

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