We were having dinner with the kids and as usual, things were chaotic, and table manners were waning.

Emmy kept knocking over her glass because she wanted her blankie on the table.  I pushed the blankie to the center of the table and told her she could have it when we were finished with dinner.  She started to reach for the blankie and I said “not until after you’ve finished your dinner.”   She proceeded again and I said “no.”

She started to move her hand forward for the third time and I put my fork prongs down on her forearm.  She pushed through the light pressure for the blankie, and I increased the pressure on the fork and thus her forearm.  She contiued, and I continued, until there was enough pressure to stop her. She looked at me, bit her lower lip and tried to push through.  I held the pressure….then she developed a huge crocodile tear and I immediately released.

Even though she started to shed tears, she would not quit – I did.  She is one tough, and determined, little lady.


(click….Emmy TOUGH)

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