a prism

I built my Aunt Caroline’s eulogy around a prism. Only two days before she died she explained to me that she always kept her mother’s prism in her kitchen window. She felt as if she was getting a ‘visit’ from her mother each time a rainbow shown on her kitchen floor. So, I equipped several of us with prisms, including myself.

Yesterday, my three youngest noticed a rainbow being cast along the kitchen wall. I exclaimed, “Look…it is Aunt Nine.” They each kind of looked around then instantaneously understood. They each petted the rainbow. Gage said, “Aunt Nine, your colors are so pretty.” Campbell just belted out a “HI, AUNT NINE!”

I am sure the average person may think I have gone off the deep end especially as Gage announced to his friend that was over at our house playing…”Hey, come see my Aunt Nine” and proceeded to show him the rainbow.

I feel pretty lucky to get regular visits from such a fantastic gal and I feel even better knowing I am somehow keeping her alive.

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  1. Sarah Shalley Says:

    Don’t feel crazy. My 16 year old cousin died 3 weeks ago. I think I have it figured out…the same way the rainbow is God’s covenant promise to us, when we lose someone we love, he sends us subtle reminders that everything will be okay. Yours is a prism. Mine has been a dragonfly. They’re everywhere, from the moment we left Emily’s visitation. They show up wherever we are, especially when we need a smile. God is gentle and kind.

  2. Suzy Says:

    This is the best post. My mother was and still is full of color! The perfect rainbow only shows what a perfect person she was.

    You have not gone off the “deep” Tiff, you are a wonderful person – my mother adored you!



  3. Jessica Strickland Says:

    this is great…and soo sweet! 🙂

    love their matilda jane tops! i just photographed a little girl in that shirt yesterday!

    miss you! hope you are great!:)

  4. mary logan Says:

    I will buy a prism today.

    Your thoughts are beautiful – your pictures incredible.

    Your “deep end” inspires me. Thank you.

  5. susan Says:

    My mom comes to me as a bird and as the roses on her rose bush. I transplanted them from our house on Ridge. The first time they bloomed after I had transplanted them was on Mother’s Day! I am so glad that she visited you!!! What a wonderful gift!

  6. Allison (Ann Smith's friend from Chicago) Says:

    Love the pictures…your girls are so adorable. Much like your prism, when I hear songs by Eric Clapton I know my dad is with me. He was a rock ‘n roller, who played the electric guitar and the piano by ear. I will be having a terrible day and be near tears and then “Layla” or “Lay Down Sally” comes on the radio and I immediately feel better!

  7. nicole green Says:

    those reminders are so great. before my grandpa passed away at home, my aunt told him to ‘leave us some dimes’ so we knew he was still watching over us. since then we find dimes all over the place. my grandma things were are crazy but she told me the other day she found one sitting on my grandpa’s chair on her birthday then found another on the floor right before she went to bed. 🙂 it’s sweet!

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