child labor?

I could hardly believe my ears when Gage asked if he could help me clean the kitchen yesterday, especially coming after the trio assisted folding laundry. Definitely a change I noticed immediately after they started Montessori. Bu don’t get jealous just yet.

I exuberantly replied, “Of course, you can clean the house, Gage!”

The trio set to work with rags and water. They wiped down walls, washed the counters, and scrubbed the floor. While their efforts were appreciated and it occupied their time for a blip in the day, they left enough standing water to start a skating rink. But they definitely had fun making ‘the mess’.

I figure with a little training, however, I could easily talk myself into breaking child labor laws.

Later that afternoon Gage asked if he could clean our neighbor’s house. I simply made the call and headed him out the door with his bag of ‘Gage’s Cleaning Supplies.’ I forewarned her so she kept him to a small area. I also explained the importance of squeezing out your sponges!

When he returned, entrepreneurial-big-brother-Briggs, told Gage he should charge for his work next time!

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