lunch options

I knew I was running low on groceries when the only thing I could fill my children’s lunch boxes with was:

1) a plastic bowl and spoon,
2) a Ziploc of Cheerios,
3) a cup of milk,
4) a yogurt, and
5) some M&Ms.

Time to hit the aisles! Who wants to bet I hear commentary on their lunches tomorrow after school?

2 Responses to “lunch options”

  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I remember getting a tuna sandwich on raisin bread with a pack of gum… Sounds about the same!

  2. Father Rowe Says:

    Every time I go to Tiffany’s house I help myself with a larder filled with all kinds of junk food, the stuff I won’t have in my house, but love none the less. And all she had was the stuff above? Doubt it.

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