chin stud

I am fairly certain my pediatrician established the standard operating procedure of scheduling no more than two sibling visits at a time because of my brood.  For it was only two and a half years ago that I took all four kids in to get vaccinated duing the same visit for various shots. 

All I can remember is at one point Briggs (eldest) crying in the corner, the twins (infants) screaming after they had just been poked four times, and Gage (toddler) missing only later to be found stuck on the elevator.   It was quite a scene.  Even though Tim was in Iraq, he could likely feel the burning frustration on the other end of the phone the next time we spoke.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I called in for their annual visits they would not accept them all in the same day…even if I brought help!  I did wonder if it is truly a SOP for the office or if a big flashing red banner appears on the receptionist’s screen when I call in…DO NOT SEE ALL STONER CHILDREN IN THE SAME VISIT!

However, our dear pediatrician’s nurse did not mind making an exception for the nasal flu vaccination.  She figured it was fairly safe.  I am knocking on wood they we all stay healthy here.

So as we get settled into the waiting room, Emerson notices a woman with a chin stud (aka earring dangling from approximately an inch below her bottom lip).  Shy, timid Emerson walks straight up to the woman, points to her chin and says, “What’s that?  Why do you have that in your chin?”  Shy timid Campbell hears her sister from across the room, walks up to the now-shocked-what-do-I-say-woman and goes to grab the earring from her chin. 

I swear I wanted to bust out laughing but had to come up with some silly excuse for why this woman would want a stud hanging off of her face.  So…I explained how pretty it is and how she must like it there and how we should maintain some personal space and how lucky it is that she has studs in her ears AND her chin. 

Why does the doctor’s office continue to bring me such colorful stories?

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