full circle

I am reliving a nightmare from my teen years but this time I am on the other side. 

I learned how to write the hard way.  I will refer to it as “THE ROWE WRITING BOOT CAMP”.  It wasn’t pretty.  I shed many tears.  And, at time despised my father for taking such an interest in my homework, especially English.   We shared many nights, often until the wee hours of the morning, reworking my sentence structure and paragraph formations.  He corrected my usage of words, killed me with proper grammar and questioned my topic sentences. 

Heck, I even think I received Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for Christmas.  Exciting gift for a teenage girl!

So it is with deep regret that I admit I have become my father when it comes to helping with homework.  Oh…how I wish I didn’t have to admit such defeat.  But Briggs and I are now on our second book report.  While I haven’t kept him up until 3am, I have most definitely yelled, there have been tears, and I even cussed out of pure frustration (remember I vowed to be painfully honest in this blog…no sugar coating). 

I explained to Briggs after our head-t0-head stubborn natures calmed down last night that, I too, disliked my father considerably growing up when it came to writing.  BUT he helped me learn how to formulate my thoughts and express myself through writing.  Perhaps someday he may even enjoy writing.

Must everything come full circle?

2 Responses to “full circle”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yep, I think I was the one to point out the “full circle” to you in your moment of frustration….

  2. Father David Says:

    Tiffany may not know this, but new consultants to TriBrook Group became enrolled in my “writing boot camp.” Tiffany was a simple extension of that process. You should also know that most of them later thanked me for the effort, as you do now. Thank you. I only wish I could write as well and as effortlessly as you do today. I guess I did something right and am obviously happy and proud with the results.

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