big white lie

I am not ready to tell the truth that the big, jolly man in the North Pole is just a childhood fantasy.  At nine years of age, I want to continue the magic for Briggs.  He has questioned it.  Even though some of his friends no longer believe, he his hanging in there.

He said to me yesterday, “Mom, it’s hard to believe in Santa but I want to. If I could just see him it would be easier.” 

So, I said, “Well, have you ever seen a shark?”  He replied, “No.”  I continued, “Have you ever seen a knight?”  He again replied, “No.”  I kept hammering, “Well then how do you know they really exist? You have only read about them in books and seen them in movies…just like Santa.  Besides, some things are just miracles.”

Call me quick on my feet. 

I could have told him the truth.  And it does seem incongruent that I have had the ‘sex talk’ with Briggs yet I want to keep the man in the red suit a mystery.  But something just seems to die after a child learns the truth. 

To be quite honest, I know that as soon as Briggs ceases to believe in the magic of Christmas, the other children will find out FAR sooner than I wish.  I am confident he would keep it a secret for the twins but he would likely ruin it for Gage. 

So, am I bad for telling a BIG WHITE lie?  I figure some things we can be forgiven for.

3 Responses to “big white lie”

  1. Susan Sedita-Parker Says:

    I couldn’t agree with your logic more! Some things are just sacred and Santa is one of them!!!

  2. Mom Says:

    Keep the secret as long as possible. I know Briggs will understand your good intent.
    I for one near truly enjoyed a Christmas once my sister (5 years older than me) let the cat out of the bag. I think she got a perverse pleasure out of it and after 60 years, I still haven’t forgiven her.

  3. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I agree!!!! Keep it a secret as long as possible!!! I don’t remember exactly when I figured it all out, but I remember being disappointed. Believing is Santa is what makes Christmas so wonderful for little kids.

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