It’s official…we, the Stoner Six, have reached a monumental milestone! We are officially done with diapers. I am sure many can relate but eliminating diapers with twins…well, it is enormous. At one point, we had three children under two years old. Three in diapers. Three in cribs. Things are improving.

Now with that non-diaper milestone accomplished, we have begun what I refer to as ‘pottypalooza.’ I must admit I much prefer boys when it comes to potty training. I could just stand Briggs and Gage on my feet for greater reach without any touching of a public toilet. Heck…I was known to let them whip it out in the parking lot if they ‘feeling’ came upon them fast.

Girls bring an entirely new concept. There is no option but to grab and rub and cling to public toilets. I soon got over my gag reflex. Tim wouldn’t handle this well. He is too much of a germphobic.

I found myself today on what seemed like the “Mr. Mom” movie set. For anyone that remembers that classic flick, you will appreciate the image below.

This is my life!

10 Responses to “pottypalooza”

  1. tim Says:

    Ahhh, c’mon, I handle the “toilet grab technique” just fine. Upon completion of this maneuver, it’s met with a copious amount of warm water and soap.

  2. Suzy Says:

    Best picture yet! Can’t wait to see the clan!!!!



  3. Winden Says:

    Your kids are going to call you out one day for posting this on the INTERNET. This will come back to haunt them…. but I must admit, it is cute.

  4. Morgan Says:

    Winden, I think that point was reached long ago–the post about Gage defecating on the front stoop comes to mind. But yes, that photo is MUST be shown at their weddings!

  5. Morgan Says:

    *the photo is cute and MUST be shown at their weddings!

  6. Mina Says:

    this is sooo cute! I remember being there when you were potty training them and now they are dont with diapers?? ahhh crazyyy


  7. Mina Says:

    done with diapers**

  8. Allison Says:

    that pic cracks me up!!!
    congrats on the NO diapers in the house! I can’t wait for that but I think it will be awhile!

  9. Helena Says:

    Love it!!!!! I might have you over as a potty training teacher….


  10. heather Says:

    Congrats on the end of an era! Now, if only my son would do the same…..

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