I am the only parent that believes the topics and skills our kids are learning, you either  a) don’t recall ever learning or b) learned them well into later schooling years…like HIGH SCHOOL!

My three-year olds are bringing home world maps and pointing correctly to the continents.  I think I was lucky to have known my colors!  Now, I know I don’t have geniuses on hand so has significant advancement been made in education?

I think all we did at pre-school was sing songs, colored and pasted.  In fact, I distinctly remember ‘failing’ the cutting portion of my kindergarten curriculum.  It is one of my first early memories when the teacher told my mother that I didn’t cut within the lines…she commented “Tiffany just isn’t a good cutter.”

And history essay questions in fourth grade?  I don’t recall essay questions until high school but perhaps I just have a poor memory (hence my average grades).  The same goes for analyzing graphs and beginning algebra. 

Seriously, now I comprehend why that game show was created, “Are you as Smart as a Fifth Grader?”

A picture of my threesome after arriving home from Montessori where they are filling their brains!


3 Responses to “duh”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Funny…I failed Kindergarten cut and paste too. What does that say about us?
    I too agree that the stuff the kids are getting is way more advanced!

  2. Helena Says:

    Wow, Elin finally got all their names right by pointing at the picture above….not sure what that means.

  3. Marti Escalante Says:

    You are not wrong. My mom was a kindergarten teacher from the 1970s-1990s. When she first started, kindergarten was about singing, coloring, taking naps, having snacks, painting, etc. When she left it was all about table work, curriculum etc. I’m sad sometimes that kids don’t get the same kindergarten experience that we did.

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