date night

It was only a few months ago that Tim took Emerson on an errand to Costco.  Upon his return he mentioned that he had never been with her alone, and how nice it was.  Apparently from the moment they got in the car she didn’t stop talking.  We realized then how important it was that we try to give each child their own time, away from the competing noise, confrontations, wants, and demands of their siblings. 

So we have started a ‘new thing’ here at the Stoner House.  Every Wednesday we take ONE child out alone on a DATE NIGHT. 

We started with the eldest, Briggs.  As we were got out of the car to walk into the restaurant, Briggs automatically grabbed his book.  Like me, he can easily retreat into a land of fiction and ignore everything around him.  I explained that he wouldn’t need his book because he was getting two hours of undivided attention.  His response, “What’s that?”  I replied, “Attention from your parents not divided by four!  We can talk about whatever you want…quietly!”

Just as we suspected, he didn’t stop talking.  We learned so many things about what he was focusing on in school and stories about his friends.  It was refreshing.  We also noticed how suddenly our young boy with decent table manners was eating like a caveman.  Perfect timing for a refresher course in Table Manners 101. 

Gage was next in line.  As we were walking up to the restaurant, I said to him, “Gage, isn’t this nice…it’s Date Night!”  He said, “Mommy, you cannot date me.  God wouldn’t like it.”   I responded, “Why?  I cannot go on a date with my son?”  He said, “Mommy, I am your baby.  I am Daddy’s son.” 

I love the things that Gage comes up with.  And, he was spot on.  He, along with all of my children, will ALWAYS be my babies.  I think all mothers look at their children as their babies…when those moments of swaddling, nursing, and cradling come right back to the forefront of their memory. 

For fathers they are children. 

So next, we split up the twins.  Should be even more interesting!

3 Responses to “date night”

  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    Great idea!

  2. Lisa Says:

    we have done this before Tif and I always love the one on one but it is amazing how much it means to them!! I have not set aside a certain day but should because unfortunately it fall by the wayside. I always know it is time for another one because they are forever begging for a “special day” with mom or dad. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Susan Sedita-Parker Says:

    Love it!!

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