I am a fan of good linens.  Despite the fact that my husband thinks making a bed is a waste of time and he dislikes the multitude of pillows that adorn our queen size, I like snuggling into soft sheets.   I equally like reaching for a clean, correctly-folded, not-too-thick, not-too-oversized bath towel.  Do I sound anal?

But I have been noticing that our towels are getting frayed at the ends and the terry cloth has been worn thin.  It reminded me of how excited I was to get these towels as gifts when we were married.  I loved opening that gift.  It seemed like such a traditional step toward marriage…new towels.  Up until that point, I had the few towels I stole from home and a few that I somehow ended up with after living with six other women in college.

Our local grocery store is having a towel sale.  For every dollar spent, you obtain a towel stamp.  Clearly with six mouths to feed our grocery bill is substantial.  I am sure I could have an entire new set by now.  But somehow I just cannot part with those first marriage towels yet.  They may be worn but not too worn.  They may be a slightly tattered but not too tattered.  Surely we can get another few years out of them.

Our towels are like a symbol of our marriage…they are too good to replace, and while maybe a little worn in certain areas, feel great at the beginning of each day.

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  1. Father Rowe Says:

    This may have nothing to do with towels, but Tiffany called me at 4:30 this morning — Dad was in the hospital with a severe pain in his right leg. When I showed up, Tiffany and her mother, Jean, were at his side.

    At last he is asleep so I can go online to post this. It is a follow up to “92 and Stubborn” in the Big Jobs section of this blog.

    Dad has adjusted very well to Indianapolis, in fact thinks his new home is a great improvement. Food is outstanding (I’d rather eat there than most of the places I’ve been in Indy), his fellow residents, his apartment and the retirement home. And all the support he could have. I’m sure there will be more later.

    A great as this is in his hospital room, it is not easy to adjust to, and very difficult to type.


  2. Foffy Says:

    Hi Girl! I found you. You have an amazing site. The first page I read was about your aunt. I know she is smiling in heaven after what you wrote about her. It really puts life in perspective. She will always be with you. I remember being charmed by her at your tea party.

    I love big soft towels too and have our towels of 14 years on wednesday. It is fun going to a store and picking out just one new one every once in a while. I recently chose one super soft giant sage green towel just for me (on sale for $7 at Target). It makes me feel so luxurious after a shower. Sometimes those little splurges are good for the soul.


  3. Father Rowe Says:

    1930 hrs, 29Sep08 — A long full day in the hospital. In a relay: Tiffany, Jean, me, Nathan, Tiffany, Jean, me, Tiffany. The physicians, nurses, techs, aides are all great and Dad really likes them, actually impressed with them. He has spent less time sleeping during the day than he normally does, which should be an improvement for night sleep.

    2000 hrs — Food! He was surprised he could order from a breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. So he has soup and an omelet. The surgeon dropped by and may try to get him a CT scan if it advised by the internist. Dad isn’t waisting time eating, he hasn’t had food in at least 24 hours and they have not let him have liquids. Good meal.

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