total nastiness

I consider myself tidy. 

Despite a crazy work schedule, and four kids that easily leave a mess in their wake, the house remains fairly clean. 

So, it really bothered me that every time I walked into my bedroom the past 24 hours, it just STUNK and I mean like nasty stink.  I figured it was the remenants of Emerson being sick with the flu for the last three days.  But it was more than that…

Last night as I pulled the covers up to my face I was struck with the nasty stink.  I was so tired I just quickly threw off the blanket and got another one. 

A thought crossed my mind this morning as I started sniffing every nook-and-cranny of my bedroom.  Gage went through a ‘wipe-his-feces-on-the-wall’ stage this past summer.  I was sure I was bound to run into a new stage of different proportions. 

Finally, I found a leaky sippy cup of milk that had slowly been dripping its nasty fluid in between the mattress and footboard.  It was disgusting. Inside the milk had formed an enormous congealed chunk of milk.

So, I am yet again looking forward to the conclusion of another stage in our lives…eliminating sippy cups with warm milk before bed.  Ugh!

2 Responses to “total nastiness”

  1. Marti Escalante Says:

    Oh yes………….don’t you know this is how cottage cheese is made???

    I hate to admit that this has happened on quite a few occasions, however it has always been either a cup left in the car OR one left under the couch, I have never had the pleasure of smelling it while I sleep!

  2. Amy Peterson Says:

    We’ve found the same before in my car. I took 1 look at the cup and launched it into the trash! I guess thankfully it was winter and the outdoors had been keeping it somewhat cold.

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