miss tame

I have been silent for a week.  Partly because there aren’t enough waking hours to accomplish all that needs to be done but mainly because I wanted to form the most appropriate words in my mind first. I have been wanting to tell the story of ‘Miss Tame’ for quite some time now.

Not that what I am about to express is anything new but I have learned a great lesson from my grandfather. While our bodies may defy us as we age, and for those unfortunate ones, even their minds…it is still within the realm of possibility to live with grace and dignity. Furthermore, I think it is imperative we treat the elderly with two things:  LOVE and RESPECT. For inevitably, we will walking in their footsteps…shuffling along corridors with solid-soled shoes and a walker.

My grandfather is turning 92 years old in just a few weeks.  He is a pure gentleman.  Even though he is in the hospital, he treats everyone with kindness and an enormous stroke of humor.  Most nurses and doctors seem grateful to care for a patient that actually uses his manners.

I find him fascinating. Believe me when I say…he has had me rolling with laughter on some of my visits…someday I will post some of his writings (he is an excellent writer).  The one about the white dog turd is the best!

He has better recollection of his childhood than I have of mine.  The characters he has come across in his long lifetime are ten times more colorful than those of mine.  He recalls their names, ancestry, and conversations.

One of my favorite childhood memories includes my alter ago of Miss Tame.  My grandfather adoringly named me this when I was young.  I was only Miss Tame with him.  No one else.  I believe it was his hope I mature with some sense of gentility.

In any case, after carefully setting the table and preparing the tea with snacks, I would call Grandpa in from his yard work.  I remember him vividly dropping whatever chore he was involved in, pulling the handkerchief from his back pocket to wipe his hands, and join me at our table.  He would only refer to me as Miss Tame.  He would use a very formal tone and proceed to ask questions.  Our tea and role play probably only lasted a few minutes but it was perfect.  I am grateful to have been the first grandchild.  Clearly as the firstborn I was given special treatment for which not all benefited from.

My grandfather is being transferred to a rehabilitation facility tomorrow.  His strength needs to improve significantly before he may live independently again.  I hope that he is treated with as much respect as we all deserve as we age.  Miss Tame shall follow.

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  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I remember having an icecream stand with him in his backyard on Forest Drive. I would serve up some leaves in an old pot behind this big stack of bricks and we would pretend I was dishing out his favorite flavors! What memories… See you guys tonight! Can’t wait.

  2. tim Says:

    When I look at this photo and you attending your Grandfather and serving him tea = I see where Campbell gets her “Mother Hen” traits.

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