dancing with the STONERS

The holidays proved that we like to dance, especially after downloading two new songs to my iPod…Black Eyed Peas’ Boom, Boom, Pow and Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.

Briggs suggested that we hold a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competition.  He also threatened me NOT to post this video to Facebook to which I agreed.  He mentioned nothing about the blog.  Shhh…

Briggs and Emerson paired up, even rehearsed some moves.  That left Gage and Campbell who really didn’t synch up.

A long video…probably boring for most except this mother who wants to retain the memory visually.

2 Responses to “dancing with the STONERS”

  1. Mom Says:

    Briggs and Em had some moves, but Gage was lightening. What a sense of rhythm. I also
    believe Briggs & Em have been practicing. So great! Campbell as always moves to the beat
    of her own drummer. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sara Says:

    That was by far the best thing I’ve seen all day! They were SO SERIOUS!! I burst out laughing when Briggs crawled under Emmy’s legs and proceeded to attempt the infamous Dirty Dancing “lift”

    They are in my top 5 kiddos of all time (only to be beaten by my own child).

    love you.

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