The brightest aspect of each day occurs once the sun has set (and not because my kids are finally silent)…but because our Halloween decorations are out…displayed in full glory. In fact, we have definitely added to our tackiness this year. I just love it! My neighbor, Kevin, heckles me but at least it gives him something to look at while he sits in his home office.

I am convinced (and I am trying to convince Tim) that the decorations will someday lure our children home. I have visions of them rushing home from college at the beginning of October just to see the house lit up in orange and green. I do sound crazy now don’t I?

But I always loved making the pilgrimage home and to my Aunt Nine’s on the holidays to be surrounded by their quirky decorations. Now…there are two women that take Christmas decorating to an entirely new level.  In fact, my mother was known for her ‘holiday tree.’  It was an artificial Christmas tree that she kept up year-round in the dining room (she had a large dining room).  With each holiday, she changed the decorations.  So…on Easter hung small eggs and bunnies, on Valentines red hearts and cupids, and Halloween hung ghosts and pumpkins.  She especially loved Memorial Day and Fourth of July because she could keep the tree decor of American Flags and stars the same over both holidays!

I, however, am not much of an interior holiday decorator. I have a few things out but, honestly, the additional clutter makes me crazy. I think have OCD.  The house has to remain in some type of order for me to function in a pleasant state.  Perhaps when I am not picking up after the constant mess four young children can create, I will feel differently.

Until then…I will relish in my tacky outdoor decor!

5 Responses to “boo”

  1. susan Says:

    we need some pictures!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I can’t tell you how much Blake LOVES your decorations! Thanks for making his October…especially since we have none! You make up for it!

  3. Betsy Roeder Says:

    I agree-you need to post some pics!

  4. Stacy Meyer Says:

    Jean – ever thought of resurrecting the holiday tree? I too have fond memories because of it.

    Tiff – I think the decorating brings out the kid in YOU…I’m sure your kids & neighbors adore it but deep down inside it brings YOU such JOY which is all the reason to do it!

  5. susan Says:

    I too have many fond memories of Jean’s holiday tree. I wish I had the space to have one here!

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