i have discovered

I HAVE DISCOVERED pulling out old movies makes for the best Family Movie Night.  Swiss Family Robinson, despite it being in black & white, is one of my kids new favorites.  It is actually quite funny and innovative.  Another we have pulled out is The Black Stallion which makes us all weepy.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that as I am gracing my forties, I understand the reasons my mother put baby oil on her face nightly and foundation in the morning.  I thought both were kind of gross. 

I HAVE DISCOVERED that Gage has a vivid imagination. He has recently started telling the twins bednight stories…made-up bednight stories!  Once we have turned down the lights and they are nestled into their beds, he begins.  I love observing his creative side flourish despite the fact that his stories always contain one or more of the following: weapons, volcanos, mountains, swords, witches, guns, wolves, forests or war.  I don’t think the girls care to much as long as he throws a pricess in distress now and then.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that after another marathon study session for math with Briggs, I realized not only am I in for more challenges as he progresses in school but that show, “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” was not a wacky idea.  My goodness, I am confident I was not doing this level of work in fourth grade.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that bangs wasn’t the right change I needed.  Everytime I look into the mirror I am reminded of Def Lepperd in the 80s.  It might be a trend but not one for me.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that you can talk your husband into renting an RV to travel to Florida with if you promise to fry him an egg while driving on the highway!

I HAVE DISCOVERED that boys need to go to a real Barber with the red, white, and blue cylinder turning outside the window.  No more kiddie cuts places for us.  Being where real men get their hair cut is a like a rite of passage.  The boys need to get gently teased like a barber can only do, hear raunchy jokes the men next to them are exchanging, and maybe even see a pinup of Jessica Simpson hanging from the mirror in her Daisy Dukes.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that my kids are just different.  Campbell still cannot watch a movie or moment of TV to save her life.  She now is focused solely on perfecting her letters.   

I HAVE DISCOVERED that my eldest son is just like me.  He gets completely engrossed in book series.  I started reading the Outlander series again!  I just missed Jamie and Claire.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that some things just stick with you from childhood.  Considering Nate was an extraordinarily huge Star Wars fan, our father transferred HYPERDRIVE from the Millenium Falcom to our Honda Civic.  He would press various buttons, flip down the visor, adjust the mirror, and FLOOR it.  Well, thirty years later, my kids scream for hyperdrive when we hit the open road. 

I HAVE DISCOVRED that my smallest child is the loudest snorer.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that my iPhone is an addiction but one I really enjoy and Facebook is cool.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that Gage might have a future in copywriting. I jokingly submitted a potential advertising quote to Jimmy John’s Sandwiches yesterday after I heard Gage exclaim from the rear of the van:  “Jimmy John’s has the best sandwiches in the world. You can’t imagine it. It’s like BAM in your face. They are the best!”

I HAVE DISCOVERED that Tim and I both ‘torchers’ when it comes to seeing each stage or milestone pass.  Neither one of us seem to grieve over moving to boosters or removing bed rails.  My sense is that we will be someday be shocked that it all has passed quickly.  Briggs is moving to double digits next month…that might be our first clue!

I HAVE DISCOVERED that you have to pick your battles.  So what if my kids want to use the snow on the deck for snowcones?

I HAVE DISCOVERED that my kids and I have the same opinion on one thing for sure when I heard Gage say, “Mom, I don’t like school. I like Summer.”   No kidding…especially with the way this Winter is dragging on.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that it is okay if your best friend was the one to teach your child how to spell poop.

I HAVE DISCOVERED the every girl has a favorite Disney princess…Emerson (Sleeping Beauty), Campbell (Cinderella), and Elin (Snow White).

I HAVE DISCOVERED that “Because I said so!” is in fact a good enough reason to demand something from your children.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that my metabolism isn’t the same it was five years ago.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that even though I no longer have infants, I still don’t sleep through the night without getting woken up at least once.  Unless, of course, Tylenol PM is involved.

I HAVE DISCOVERED that some questions leave you stumped.  Emerson made me pause to consider the answer to her question, “What would we do without a mommy and daddy?”  All I could think about were the estimated one million Haitian children are left probably asking the same question

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