gage’s girl

Cannot say that I have ever been a huge Katharine McPhee fan.  I don’t think I watched that season of American Idol.  But I can tell you that in no uncertain terms Gage’s eyes popped out of his head when he walked passed this magazine at the Pediatrician’s Office.  The kid is ALL boy.  He asked the nurse if he could take the magazine back to show his friends!!!  I am sure their parents will be pleased.

FLASH FORWARD TEN YEARS…I am cleaning Gage’s room while he is at school.  As I pull up his comforter, I hear papers at the foot of his bed.  I reach down to pull up several well-read, and worn back issues of Playboy

I had a brother.  I’m no fool.  But my five year old already telling me his future wife is Katharine McPhee?   Wow!

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