some great lines

| After letting out a large belch at the table, Gage negotiates why he cannot eat anymore. |

“Now that’s a sign the tank is full, Mom.”

| After trying to calm Emerson down for several minutes of crying on our way to school, I called out to Campbell for some sisterly assistance. |

“I can’t do anything about her.  She is all freaky this morning'”

| When the kids lose a tooth, they have to yell out the back door before they go to bed to tell the tooth fairy to visit.  After losing a molar this week, Briggs, still a believer in the tooth fairy, adds a little wish list to the reminder. |

“Tooth Fairy.  I lost a tooth at school today.  Can you bring me a $25 iTunes Gift Card please!”

| After several minutes of silence, I find the twins with their cousin in their bathroom. They have covered their clothed bodies and the entire floor with a concoction of soap, shampoo, lotion, and oil.  And then for even more fun dumped baby powder on top of it all.  When I screamed, “WHY do you do this to me?”, their response |

“We didn’t do it!”

|While Gage considers is future profession |

“I am going to be a rock star that doesn’t say bad words.”

| After a third attempt at getting the twins to sleep and several requests for back or tummy rubbing, I suggested they just rub each other, Emerson exclaims, |

“We can’t  do that.  We need mommies to rub us.”

| I hate grocery shopping.  I like having food in the house but the process of cleaning out the fridge, going to the store, considering menu options, hauling it all back home, then unloading it, is just no fun.  So, to top it all off my favorite bagger at our local grocery said to me while I was checking out |

“Are you sick?  Wow, you look really sick.”

| After enforcing the same rule we have had forever about putting shoes away and hanging up coats as we come in, I had just about enough.  I think steam may have been coming out of my ears when three-year-old Campbell said |

“Mom, you have anger management issues.”

| During a major basement cleanup, Campbell declares she would like to go live with her Aunt and Uncle to which Gage, future mafia Godfather, says |

“Campbell, you can’t go against the family.  You need your family.  Do you want to be without your family?

| Our nearly-eleven-year-old house is showing some signs of wear…particularly in the appliance department.  So I make an off-handed comment to Tim about the loud sound our washer is now making.  His quick, and always prudent, response |

“You know what I like about that sound?  I like that it is paid for.”

| During our nighly dinner ritual of ‘HAPPY-MAD-SAD”, Campbell is having trouble coming up with her sad so she repeats a previous comment that she is sad that Daddy’s Mommy died. |

“Campbell, stop talking about Daddy’s dead mommy.  Don’t you think that makes him sad?  Don’t say someone died, say they passed away.” <Gage>

“Well, he should just get another one.” <Campbell>

“You cannot get another mommy.  If you did that you would have to go live in an orphanage.” <Briggs>

“Orphanage.  That’s a funny word.” <Campbell>

| I knew for certain that we have had a lot of cold weather and a lot of snow when Gage yelled out on the way home from school at the one patch of grass we passed. |

“Look…it’s grass!”

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  1. Heather Says:

    David and I are cracking up! Love it!

  2. tim Says:

    Sounds like the last two days on the road, have produced a lot of comments. Funny!

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