However, difficult it is, I have realized, months after my aunt’s death, that something truly positive has come from her passing. 

The relationship with my grandfather has always been close, however his move has made the relationships we all share with him much deeper.  Given he is in the twilight of his life at 92 years old, I am cherishing the days I have remaining.  I would never have had the opportunity to visit with him on a daily basis if Nine were still alive.  

My brother, Nate, and I gave our Grandpa the book below in 1997.  There is an inscription on the inside cover to prove it.  We always heckled him for not filling it out.  I figured there was no better time than while he was in the hospital and rehab.  So I have made it part of my visit.  We have tried to complete several pages each visit.  He is sharp as a tac…remembers details I find fascinating.   

I encourage everyone who still thankfully has a grandparent alive to document their lives.  Ask them questions.  Request stories about their childhood.  Make them recollect their first job, how they fell in love, what they got in trouble for as kids, what their biggest regret is.  You will probably find your grandparent is much more interesting than you thought.

Today, the twins and I stopped in for a quick visit.  You should have seen my grandfather’s face light up.  He was thrilled to see my toe heads walk in with their sassy attitudes and high-fives.  He was just leaving for physical therapy so we walked him to the ‘gym.’  As you can imagine at a rehab facility, the place was packed with nothing but gray hairs…desperately trying to regain some strength and independence in an effort to return to whatever their normal life happens to be.

As we walked in the dreary room, heads turned AND then something magical happened.  The mouths on the faces of the elderly turned up.  Huge grins.  I had no idea that these two little girls would bring such sunshine into the room.  It was as if the room got whiter.  It even seemed to me that their steps got peppier, their rotations got stronger, and their conversation louder.  Campbell, who goes nowhere without her stuffed polar bear, even handed it to several ladies.  It was the sweetest gesture, and she had no idea its impact.  Kindness combined with the innocence of children can go such a very long way, even enhancing therapy!  I am blessed.

So…don’t forget your grandparents and don’t disregard the elderly!

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  1. mary logan Says:

    What a wonderful posting this was. I enjoyed reading your words and hearing the reminder of getting all those incredibly wonderful bits and pieces of a grandparent’s life experience on paper. You can never have enough information, enough memories or enough moments (like your visit with your Grandpa) to draw on when all you can do is remember.

    I bet his buttons were popping knowing those sweeties were HIS great grandchildren! You made his day and he made yours.

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