Four has always been my favorite age. A four-year old understands most concepts, their language is well-developed, they are fairly self-sufficient, they are no longer a danger to themselves, etc.

With the twins quickly approaching four in July, I am just waiting for the switch to begin. Honestly, it doesn’t look as if it is.

My silence on the blog is due to two main factors:

1) I am chest deep in planning the Inaugural luanch of our nonprofit for FamilyPrint on April 23rd. 

2)  Three weeks ago, I randomly in a fit of rage decided to take the TV away indefinitely (another blog post about this will come soon).

3)  The twins have been on a destruction streak.

Here is the list of things they have done recently:

+ While standing on my beloved, L-shaped, glass-top desk in my office, Campbell drops a large marble.  It clearly hit it in just the right spot because one side of it shattered.  Had she fallen through she would have sliced herself open from head to foot.  Thankfully, she did not.  However, as soon as I saw that she didn’t have a scratch on her, I was furious.  I am now unhappily typing on a hard piece of plywood that has since been written on.  And, it doesn’t look nearly as sleek as my cool glass. 

+ At the first sign of warm weather, the kids ran to play with the neighbors.  Apparently, they needed a Costco-sized box of Cheerios to snack on!  While I was out of sight for approximately two minutes they managed to crush the entire contents into the wood deck.  If we don’t have a host of rodents swarming around our house soon, I will be in shock.

+  Some stickers are easily removed others are not.  In an effort to bide some time while I worked on Briggs science project, I gave the girls a box of old file folder stickers.  They covered the hardwood floor.  Briggs and I were on our hands and knees scraping them off for an hour.

+  Laundry.  I am not a big fan of the washing-drying-folding-putting it away process…especially after ten loads a week.  But when I get it to the final stage of having all of the clothes folded to find my neat piles thrown over the banister from the second floor to the first…well it doesn’t fill me with happy thoughts.  It makes me want to put the girls to bed early and lock them behind their door.

+ Campbell is so thrilled with writing that she doesn’t stop.  With a pen and paper constantly in her hand, she writes all day.  Unfortunately, she found a paint pen.   Once Tim noticed a strong smell coming from the dining room, it was too late.  She was just laying on the floor writing away while the paint pen leaked through to the hardwoods.  Thank goodness for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  The inventors have no idea how they changed the lives of mothers.

+ We used to have four cordless phones.  We don’t even have one anymore.  I am pretty confident that we will find them out in the yard as the snow melts.

The list just continues.  I wonder if magically on their fourth birthday they are going to change their ways.   It makes me think my grandmother must really be enjoying all of this chaos up in Heaven.

2 Responses to “destruction”

  1. Heather Says:

    While I don’t have the honor of having two ‘Destructors’ at one time, I can definitely empathize with the chaos that is left behind. Leighton is only 19 months, but I bet she can just about hold her own with the girls’ antics. (My other two were never that wily.) Great ‘Remember When’ stories though!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Well said! Someday these will be big dinnertime laughs. I am totally with you. My two year old has his art on many of our walls with different materials: surgical markers, red lipstick, and nail polish. I just found a smashed and dried up ice cream sandwich that I need to get a spatula to clean up. It’s good to vent!

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